The Struggle is Real, Mom

by Loser Boyfriend

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released January 23, 2015

Drums, bass, and lead vocals produced and recorded by Nate Stoll at his house, all else produced and recorded by Loser Boyfriend in our basement. Mixed and mastered by the one and only Sean Fahey.

Christian- bass, vocals, bass booty
Nathan - guitar, vocals
Collin - guitar, tenor booty
Nate - Drums

Sarah Tucker sang on tracks 4 and 5, Isaac Eiger sang on tracks 1 and 2, Tyler Bussey recorded guitar solos he'll never feel good about on tracks 2 and 4.

Artwork by Karla Dechamps.

Thanks to our friends and family and housemates and everyone else that puts up with us.



all rights reserved


Loser Boyfriend Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Yeah, Right
the moon already has a flag to signify who owns that land
and if i could you know i would go up and put my own in
so many borders mark this land that separate me from my clan
can't tell where they end or begin, I'd like to put my own in
a turning tide a saving grace
can't turn away that smiling face
if you promise me then i will swear
we'll meet up somewhere out there
empty bottles, filled up hearts
right by your side a world apart
heard you're already in a band but that don't meant that we can't jam
let's grab our things and then begin, and when we're done do it again
Track Name: Life Lessons from Jerry Orbach
keep to yourself all summer, never see anyone
rewatch your favorite shows and get your legs tanned in the sun
not like the last time i saw you
you were getting a new tattoo with sharpened needles and ballpoint pens
i didn't know what i'd choose to get scratched into my skin
emotionally stunted like it's what you wanted, a couch fort of your twenties
and i know every time you leave your house you find something new to keep from going out
the people i hang around are just a series of mirrors held
up to the eyes of a faceless man who'll never know himself
but i always liked that reflection
pulling over the car now, waiting for you to flip out, waiting for you to bail
and you know what keeps you up so late, don't go to sleep, today was just ok
tv on your laptop, two hits and you doze off, wake up with a new cough
bad nights when you're feeling self involved, but it's worse than when you're not thinking at all
Track Name: Trying
it seems that time hasn't been so kind to you
you fell behind, not sure what you can do
this seems to always be my task
go through life can't remove this mask
i wanna make every bad decision
cause all too often i'm not feeling like i'm living
i see you've been trying to get out of here by any means you can
smoke, tabs, needles, and pills
i seem to always fail this test
get by but never do my best
i'm always stuck in indecision
cause i've got nothing to believe in
i'm always running out of breath
dig deep but can't expand my chest
can't tell if anything's worthwhile
but it's so easy to fake this smile
Track Name: Pity Party
crashed your bike in some quiet neighborhood
your sober balancing act, it didn't look good
we didn't take the bus but I knew we should
talked you down from your newest low
it all looks the same and it goes to show
you're happiest when you're sad and everyone knows
you don't need a shoulder and you don't need a shrink
you need to stop drowning your braincells while i'm trying to think
i'm coming up empty handed now you're coming to me
hoping i'll be cool but i won't be
talking to be interrupted
had my chance but i went and i fucked it up
said exactly what you probably wanted to hear
where'd the invitation come from
a pitty party and you've got a plus one
don't extend it here, i won't want to come
pale as cigarette ash on the front porch
hoping she'll let you crash but you're coming up short
there's some jackass outside and you're passing the torch
it's 10 am and you're hovering over the sink
feeling nauseous and pouring yourself a drink
don't know what you expected her to think
Track Name: It's Never the Tacos
running late to interview for some stupid job that won't be cool
feeling small and it won't help to sit up straight and talk about myself
i know you think you've had enough of this maladjusted music stuff
and i know you're right about one thing, it's hard to keep from settling
i don't know what you're thinking and i never will
my head is a mess but i'm coming over still, i've got time to kill
running late to some high school reunion that won't be cool
talking to people i don't see, i hear them speak and i feel nothing
so i get out, make my escape, go home to crash and sleep in late
but i wake up early instead, i don't move just stay in bed

i was bummed not to be asked but i couldn't afford the gas
to make it to your wedding day where you live now three states away
it's not like we've kept in touch, i haven't thought about you much
if you would call me up today I'm not sure I'd know what to say
been hanging by myself at night, I mus admit it's pretty nice
not seeing people I don't like, not making friends not picking fights
i don't go out i sleep instead, there's pressure rising in my head
there's pressure rising in my chest, i'll sleep tonight but i won't rest